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NOTE: We do not have SPCs scheduling during the Summer 2021 session.  However, if you are interested in possibly having an appointment, email us at and let us know!  We may be able to get you scheduled with a Study Plan Consultant!!

If you are given this as an assignment for a class or for some other activity: At the start of each of your two sessions, give your SPC the name and email address of your professor or whomever gave you that assignment. Your SPC has an email template they will complete and email to both you and to them.

If you have already been scheduled for an appointment: Welcome! Please download this PDF document and Excel spreadsheet, and follow the instructions on the Word document before your SPC appointment:

To schedule an SPC appointment:

Go to

Click on “Login Directly”

Login with your Pawprint and password

In the search field at the top, type SPC and hit enter

Follow the instructions


During the initial SPC appointment, a student and their SPC will, typically, complete both of the following:

I. The “3-Part Toolkit for Study Planning”

Part 1: A Monthly Calendar with all of your due dates (exams, homework, projects, prelabs, lab reports, papers, etc.). This will be your “living document” that you and your SPC will continue to write on to set goals and set a reasonable plan for achieving those goals.

Part 2: A Weekly Schedule with all of your weekly commitments and all of the weekly sources of academic help you have for each course.

Part 3: A Grade Calculator in Excel, so that you will always know what your current grades are, what your best possible grades will be, and your grade goals for each class throughout the semester.


II. The Study Plan

By the end of your first (or possibly second) meeting with your SPC, and after you have completed the 3-Part Toolkit, you will have developed a strategy for completing a major paper/project or studying for an exam in your most challenging course(s) which includes:

  • Which resource(s) you will use; how and when you will use them
  • What work you will do on your own between the times you use those resources


Submit all feedback to Yve Solbrekken, Coordinator, Science Tutoring and Study Plan Consultant (SPC) Program, The Learning Center, University of Missouri: