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Summer 2022:
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Fall & Spring Semesters:  To sign up for an appointment,
log in to MU Connect at and search on "SPC."
IMPORTANT:  Please open then SAVE these 2 documents to your computer;
follow the instructions on the Complete and Bring form before your SPC appointment:
    • Complete and Bring form <= Click this link, then click “download”, save, fill out, and save again.  Have ready to email to your Consultant at your appointment.
    • Spring 2022 Calendar Schedule and Grades <= Click this link, Click File=>save to your computer, make sure you have Microsoft Office, fill out per instructions on “Complete and Bring form”, and save again.  Have ready to email to your Consultant at your appointment.

The basic 2-session Study Plan appointment is a great place to start – You’ll get for FREE:

I. The “3-Part Toolkit for Study Planning”

Part 1: A Monthly Calendar with all of your due dates (exams, homework, projects, prelabs, lab reports, papers, etc.).

Part 2: A Weekly Schedule with all of your weekly commitments and sources of academic help for each course.

Part 3: A Grade Calculator, so you always know your current grades, best possible grades, and grade goals.

II. The Study Plan

A strategy for completing a major paper/project or preparing for an exam in your most challenging course(s) including:

  • Which resource(s) you will use; how and when you will use them
  • What work you will do on your own between the times you use those resources

SPC Testimonials:

What Mizzou students have to say about the SPC Program:

“(I liked) just having someone to talk to who understood everything I was struggling with academically, including motivation.” ~Rhaea

“I learned about some great study methods and places I can study.” ~Emily

“Creating a calendar of all assignments and tests and creating a weekly plan to efficiently complete assignments each week (was my favorite part).” ~Jarri

“My favorite parts of the session were learning how to become a more efficient and overall better student with tips and advice. I found learning about all of the resources Mizzou offers and how to maneuver through my first semester with knowledge that not many students know extremely helpful.” ~Timothy

“I liked the weekly schedule. It was nice being able to see how much time a task takes and it was reassuring that I had more downtime then I originally thought.”

“The grade calculator was most helpful because it was able to help me predict my end grade and made it easy for me to set goals for myself.”

“Getting one on one help was extremely helpful, and she provided her own experiences with school helping to make mine seem less stressful and intense.” ~Mary Claire

“I liked being able to lay out my schedule to establish free times for studying & for other things.” ~Caitlin

“The time management sheets are very helpful. It is also nice checking in with someone about how i am doing.” 

“It was cool to meet someone new who seemed to really care about my academic success.” ~Taten

“I loved how I was connecting with an actual student who was going through the same experience as me. She helped me find ways to study and keep track of my assignments that were very beneficial.” ~Katie

“(My favorite part was) organizing all my classes into clear color-coded graphs and knowing exactly how to prepare for exams.” ~Kaylee

“(I liked) planning extracurricular activities in addition to academic responsibilities.” ~Daniel

“My consultant explained the struggles she faced freshman year, which I could connect to. Helped me to understand how to conquer those.” ~Michael

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