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Appointments available NOW!  Sign up at the front desk of the Student Success Center
(on Lowry Mall, across from Ellis Library), or call them to sign up at 573-882-6803

IMPORTANT:  Please download these 2 documents and follow the instructions on the Complete and Bring form before your SPC appointment:


The basic 2-session Study Plan appointment is a great place to start – You’ll get for FREE:

I. The “3-Part Toolkit for Study Planning”

Part 1: A Monthly Calendar with all of your due dates (exams, homework, projects, prelabs, lab reports, papers, etc.).

Part 2: A Weekly Schedule with all of your weekly commitments and sources of academic help for each course.

Part 3: A Grade Calculator, so you always know your current grades, best possible grades, and grade goals.


II. The Study Plan

A strategy for completing a major paper/project or preparing for an exam in your most challenging course(s) including:

  • Which resource(s) you will use; how and when you will use them
  • What work you will do on your own between the times you use those resources


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