Become a Tutor

You can make difference at Mizzou by tutoring your fellow classmates!  Tutoring your peers is rewarding, both academically and personally.  In addition to the satisfaction that comes from supporting others as they work to achieve their academic goals, you will have the opportunity to hone and reinforce the knowledge you have attained from your own classroom experience.

To qualify, you must:

  • Have a minimum grade of A- in course(s) for which you will be tutoring
  • Have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Have upper-class standing (sophomore or above), preferably
  • Be available to attend a mandatory training on the Saturday before the second week/after the first week of classes
  • Be able to commit to working at least 8 hours per week and work the entire semester
  • Have original, unexpired documents to complete New Employee Registration before hire (such as a driver’s license or non-driver’s license and Social Security card, or other accepted documents).  Copies are not allowed.  Please do not apply until you have these documents.
  • Be able to communicate effectively, maintain cooperative peer relationships, and be teamwork-oriented, dependable, attentive to detail, friendly, mature, and approachable
  • Possess the ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds

I want to apply. Now what?

Applications are generally reviewed in the weeks before each semester (fall and spring).  Download the appropriate application below for the subject(s) you wish to tutor.  Please read through the application carefully and follow all instructions.  If you have any additional questions regarding the application process, please email  You may submit it electronically or print and bring the completed application to The Learning Center at 100 Student Success Center.  Applicants will be contacted only if we have available positions for the courses they list AND they are selected for an interview.

The Learning Center makes tutor selections based on subject demand.  While we hire an array of tutors for different subjects, our most requested subjects are biochemistry/chemistry, biology, physics, anatomy & physiology, computer science, engineering, business, Spanish, calculus, and statistics and, therefore, tutors in these subjects make for the most desirable applicants.  See this list for our current high-demand courses/tutoring needs.  Please feel free to apply again next semester if you are not chosen during this round of hiring.

Tutor Training

Training: it’s mandatory.  We are a nationally certified Learning Center. As part of this process, all tutors must complete a certain amount of training, tutoring hours, and evaluations. This includes four hours of paid online training and six hours of paid interactive in-seat training.  This helps ensure that all peer tutors are equipped with a set of standard instructional methods and an understanding of the learning process.  Tutors are required to complete CRLA Level I certification.

The 10-hour CRLA Level I Certification must include:

  • Level I training
  • Complete 25 tutoring hours
  • Tutor evaluation

Additional training required for all those employed with Mizzou include:

  • Global Cybersecurity Basics
  • University of Missouri System Campus Emergency Alert Training
  • Building a Foundation: Discrimination Prevention and Title IX
  • FERPA for Higher Education

Expectations, Responsibilities and Duties of Tutors:


  • Good communication skills
  • A commitment to maintain confidentiality at all times
  • Model and share skills in time management, study habits, and professionalism
  • Check and respond to emails at least once a day
  • Keep accurate records of tutoring appointments and enter them weekly
  • Submit timesheets weekly
  • Address any tutoring-related concerns with Tutoring Coordinator


  • Create a comfortable, friendly atmosphere; be approachable and willing to help students; show enthusiasm for tutoring and the subject matter
  • Introduce study strategies and skills that will help students with their coursework; you should not complete their homework or assignments for them
  • Serve as a role model of organization and success for tutees
  • Exhibit responsibility, patience, and a positive attitude
  • Be on time and prepared for each tutoring session
  • Provide support and encouragement
  • Support the instructor’s class objectives
  • Respect the confidentiality of your tutees
  • Praise the student where possible and work to build a positive self-image


Undergraduate tutors are currently paid $12.00 per hour.  Graduate tutors are paid at a higher rate.  All rates are set according to the University of Missouri.


Biological and Life Sciences

Includes Chemistry, Biochemistry, Physics, Geology, Biology, Life Sciences, etc. Tutors are hired at the beginning of each semester.

Science Tutor Application (Printable Word document)

Science Tutor Application (Fillable PDF document – open in Acrobat)

All Non-Science Subjects

Includes Math, Business, Engineering, Humanities, Political Science and Foreign Languages

All Non-Science Subjects Tutor Application (Printable Word document)

All Non-Science Subjects Tutor Application (Fillable PDF document – open in Acrobat)

PLEASE NOTE: We use separate applications for tutoring biochemistry (use the Science Tutor app) and bio-engineering (use the Non-Science app).

Tutor Testimonials:

“The best part of tutoring is building relationships with students as they accomplish things they may or may not have thought were possible.  I love watching students grow academically and personally over the course of a semester (or more).  It is extremely rewarding to be a resource for students as they achieve their goals.” ~Sydney

“The most memorable moments are when concepts begin to click and a tutee does well on an exam.  It’s very exciting when a tutee is successful.” ~Paige

“I love assisting students with classes.  Guiding a student through a difficult class and getting them to the point of being able to push themselves through future math classes is the most rewarding thing to me.” ~Jacob

“I love getting to see students start to understand concepts better.  It’s great to know that I can help make a difference in another student’s academic performance!” ~Evelyn

“The most rewarding thing about being a tutor is getting experience in communicating with people of diverse backgrounds and experience levels and imparting them with knowledge in a subject I am passionate about.  Not only does it help me develop skills oft sought after in the job market, but it helps me express, and hopefully impress, my love mathematics upon people.” ~Daniel

“I love it when I see a student finally get a concept that they had been struggling with.  It is like a lightbulb clicks on.” ~Rose

“I love helping people and I think tutors are so important for learning. Even the “smartest” can benefit from a tutor. I know I did!” ~Delaney

“A student told me she got an A on her test and said she never thought she would ever get an A on a test in the class.” ~Thomas

“The most rewarding thing about tutoring is that I can use my experiences learning a subject in order to help someone else in a way I might’ve loved to receive.  It’s being able to communicate and help someone that, if you weren’t a tutor, you probably would never even meet.” ~Anna

“Tutoring is rewarding in so many different ways.  Each student is different, and they each have their own goals for what they want out of tutoring.  I’m proud when any student achieves their goal, whether it be getting an A, passing their exams, or improving their Spanish speaking.” ~Lauren

“I’d say the most rewarding thing is being able to watch my students grow.  As the semester goes along, I see many of my students become more confident in their abilities and start to ask themselves the questions that I normally ask them.  Seeing them be able to teach themselves like that just feels so rewarding to me.” ~Jordan

Most rewarding thing about tutoring? “Probably the relationships I get to make with my tutees.  For some, I’ve been tutoring them for over a year and it has been really rewarding for us to become friends on top of our ‘work’ relationship” ~Lindsi

“One of my tutees let me know that she got a 100% on her last exam of the semester.  This was coming from a student that, at the beginning, was really struggling with the class, had zero confidence in what they were doing, and was doing poorly on exams.  When she let me know that, I knew that we had both grown over the semester.  It was just confirmation for me that I was doing at least something right.” ~Jordan