Resources for Tutors

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Tutor Handbook (new 01-2021!)

Tutor Handbook


General Tutor Orientation

There are three orientation videos available on the LC Tutor Training Canvas site to help familiarize tutors with our processes. Login to Canvas, click on your Dashboard tab and click on LC Tutor Training, and look for the following:

  • Orientation Part 1: Introduction to ATLAS
  • Orientation Part 2: Paper Timesheets and Contact Sheets
  • Orientation Part 3: Entering Time and Profile IDs…


Online Timesheet

Use myHR to fill out your online timesheet.

Other Forms


Tell us a bit about yourself!  Take this survey to share a little about who you are and what your superpowers are!  If you would like to share a photo as well, please email  We may (with your permission), publish your biography on our website or social media pages!