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Tutor Handbook


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Science Tutor Qualtrics Availability Form (Yve)

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Online Tutoring Expectations

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New Employee Training

(for Human Resources: including FERPA & Title IX
aka Equity in the Workplace: Eliminating Discrimination and Harassment)

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How to Set Up Zoom Tutoring Sessions

Set Up Zoom Sessions


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Tutor Profile Survey

Tell us a bit about yourself!  Take this survey to share a little about who you are and what your superpowers are!  This will provide us with the basic information we need about you, including your major, expected graduation date, and other information about your academic life. There are also questions which are completely optional, but will tell us a little bit more about your personally!  If you would like to share a photo as well, please email  We may (with your permission), publish your biography on our website or social media pages!

Tutor Profile Survey