Academic Coaching FAQ

There is no limit to the number of times you can meet with an Academic Coach. You may find it beneficial to schedule a follow-up meeting a few weeks after your first meeting.

Yes. Be sure to select Zoom as a location when making an appointment.

Level II Academic Coaching expands upon the Academic Coaching program. Level II coaches are trained to help students who experience symptoms of ADHD, autism, and other executive functioning disorders overcome obstacles they may face regarding their academic success. Coaches can help students develop and practice studentship skills, such as identifying campus resources, managing their time effectively, and using technology. Coaches provide heightened accountability in addition to empowering students to be independent learners. 

No. Students do not need to have a medical diagnosis to schedule appointments with a Level II coach. Coaches will not ask students to disclose medical information. 

Yes. Both Level I and Level II coaching are available to graduate students, regardless of their program.

Please schedule an appointment through MU Connect. You can click on this link or search “Learning Center Academic Coaching” in MU Connect. For Level II appointments, please click on this link or search “Learning Center Academic Coaching: Level II.”

Updated 03/13/2024