Learning and Study Strategies


Improving Concentration from Purdue University


Email Etiquette

Anatomy of an Email to Your Instructor from Oregon State University

Email Etiquette for Students from Arizona State University University

Email Etiquette from University of North Carolina Charlotte

Email Etiquette from University of Southern Mississippi


Exam Tips

Essay Exam Questions-Common Words in Essay Exams

T-F & Multiple Choice Exam Questions

Emergency Test Preparation: Cramming from Portland State University

Essay Exam Questions from University of Northern British Columbia

Essay Question Words from Old Dominion University

Preparing for and Taking Tests from Portland State University 

Test Taking Tips from University of Northern Colorado

Test Taking Strategies – Common Questions from University of Northern Colorado

Tips for Different Kinds of Exam Questions from University of Saskatchewan

Tips for Tests from Portland State University

Study Tips for University Exams from University of Saskatchewan

Top 10 Test-Taking Strategies from University of South Florida

Week Prior Test Prep from Stanford University


First-Time Students

Glossary of Terms from Saint Xavier University

The 20 Most Common College Freshman Mistakes: Expert Tips for a Successful (and Fun!) First Year of College from Affordable Colleges Online


Forms, Calendars, and Schedules

Action Planner from University of Redlands

Attendance Tracking Worksheet and Attendance Tracking Worksheet Example from University of Northern Colorado

Weekly Schedule Grid from SUNY Cortland

Weekly To Do List from University of Pittsburgh at Bradford

Breaking Down My Week from Oregon State University

Class Manager from Humboldt State University

Daily To-Do List from University of Redlands

Make a Personal Academic Calendar from Portland State University

Making Your Schedule Work from Dalhousie University

My Final Exam Study Schedule from University of Saskatchewan

Prioritized To-Do List from University of Saskatchewan

Weekly Schedule Planner (11×17) from Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Semester Schedule Planner (11×17from Kwantlen Polytechnic University

Syllabi Summary from Texas A&M University, The Academic Success Center

Weekly Assignments from University of Houston

Weekly Calendar from Oregon State University

Weekly Fillable Calendar from Western University of Canada


Goal Setting

SMART Goal Setting and SMART Goals Worksheet from Portland State University

Goal Setting from Metropolitan Community College

Creating Smart Goals from University of Massachusetts Dartmouth


Learning Styles

Learning Styles Inventory from Antelope Valley College

What Learning Style Are You? from University of Saskatchewan

Learning Through Our Senses from University of Central Florida

The DVC Learning Style Survey from Diablo Valley College



12 Memory Principles from University of North Carolina Charlotte



How to Participate in Class Discussion

Academic Integrity from University of Saskatchewan

Writing Effective Discussion Posts from University of Saskatchewan



Motivation Techniques from Oregon State University

Motivation from Portland State University

Staying Motivated from University of Saskatchewan


Non-Traditional Students

Academic Tips for Mature Students from Dalhousie University

Being Successful in College as a Parent from Maryville University


Note Taking

Note Taking – Cornell Method

Abbreviations & Symbols for Notetaking from University of Redlands

Effective Note Taking Strategies from University of Saskatchewan

Lecture Note Taking from University of Northern Colorado

Note Taking 101 from Oregon State University

Common Note-Taking Methods from The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga


Online Classes

OK Zoomer Etiquette Tips

Using Zoom for Meetings and Tutoring

Top Ten Tips to be Successful in Online Classes

7 Tips for Making the Most Out of Lecture Recordings from University of Saskatchewan

8 Tips for Online and Remote Learning Success from University of Saskatchewan

Online Learning Tips from University of Northern Colorado

Adjusting Study Habits for Remote Learning from Miami University



What is Perfectionism? from Centre for Clinical Interventions

Perfectionism from James Madison University



Presenting with Poise from University of Saskatchewan

Giving Effective Presentations from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill



Overcoming Procrastination from Portland State University

Procrastination Awareness Plan from Oregon State University

Procrastination from Stanford University



2-Minute Check-In from Brigham Young University

Self-Care Tips from University of California Berkeley

Self-Care Recommendations from Gordon College


Stress & Anxiety

Test Anxiety

Reducing Test Anxiety

7 Day Test Anxiety Desensitization Program from Portland State University

Dealing with Exam Anxiety from University of Saskatchewan

Techniques to De-Stress from University of Saskatchewan

Test Anxiety Inventory from University of Central Florida

Understanding Test Anxiety & Anxiety Reduction Strategies from University of Northern Colorado

Stress in College Students: Recognize, Understand, and Relieve School Stress from Maryville University


Study Groups

Study Groups 101

How to Start a Study Group

Study Group Roles

Suggested Study Group Activities

Effective Study Group Formation

Collaborative Learning Activities for Study Groups from Oregon State University

Creating a Study Group from University of Saskatchewan

Study Group Guide from Humboldt State University


Study Strategies

Study Checklist

The Study Cycle

Marking Textbooks

Learning from Texts

Adjusting Your Study Habits During COVID from University of Michigan

Elements of a Productive Study Space from Oregon State University

Nine Traps to Studying (and How to Avoid Them) from North Carolina State University

Physical Strategies to Support Learning from Oregon State University

Reading Efficacy SQ3R from Stanford University 

SQ4R Technique from Portland State University

Studying for Essay Exams from University of Saskatchewan

Studying for Exams – Top 10 Misguided Techniques from Stanford University

The Pomodoro Method from Portland State University


Subject-Specific Tips

Strategies for Learning a Foreign Language from Longwood University


Talking to Your Professor

How to Approach a Professor for Help


Time Management

6 Ways to Make More Time from Oregon State University

8 Time Management Strategies for Online Learning Success from University of Saskatchewan

Time Management for Remote, Online & Blended Learning from Oregon State University

Time Management Tools in Canvas from Oregon State University

Your Time Management from Indiana University of Pennsylvania

How Good Is Your Time Management? from MindTools

Time Management Calculator from Charles Darwin University