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Review, ask questions, and discuss problems with knowledgeable tutors. Free for all students, no appointment necessary!

Making the Most of Your Tutoring Experience

Tiger Tutors will be offered in an online format for the entire Spring 2021 semester. The Learning Center is dedicated to maintaining the same high level of academic support for students online as we do in person. Students will be able to access Tiger Tutors via Zoom during the times posted for each subject offered. By clicking on the link for your session and entering your PawPrint, you can access Zoom for your tutoring. More information on downloading and using Zoom is available here.

Once you have joined the Tiger Tutors’ session, you will be split into separate “chat rooms” dedicated to the specific course you want to discuss. This is much like going to the regular sessions in person and going to one part of the room to speak with a tutor about your class/questions. All meeting IDs are included on the subject pages.

The goal of Tiger Tutors is to overview the course content. It is incredibly helpful to go in knowing exactly what you need assistance with. Don’t just go to the sessions hoping to be told what you need to know. The tutors are available to answer individual questions, so knowing what your questions are before you attend is the best way to make the most out of these sessions.

Our tutors are all familiar with the material they are tutoring because they have not only taken the class they are assisting you with, they did well in it. Because of their experience and knowledge in your specific course, they are some of the best resources the University can offer.