Become an Academic Coach

We are now hiring Academic Coaches for the Fall 2024 Semester.

As an Academic Coach you will have the opportunity to develop a valuable set of leadership skills and enhance your interpersonal and communication abilities.  Your work will have a direct impact on the experience of your peers.  You will also be able to improve your own study skills while helping other students to improve theirs, as well as develop career competencies that prepare you for successful transition into your future workplace.

To qualify, you must:

  • Have minimum Sophomore standing with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25 (if below, must provide an explanation)
  • Have good organizational and time management skills
  • Be extremely reliable
  • Have high ethical and confidentiality standards
  • Be able to work well with a diverse student population
  • Provide academic support to undergraduate students individually and in groups
  • Function effectively as a member of a team that values transparency, honesty, service, collaboration, and communication
  • Be able to commit to serving in this role for at least one full academic year
  • Must be available for paid training (specific days/times shared during interview)

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience serving as a tutor, peer-mentor, or academic coach
  • Have experienced an Academic Coaching appointment at least once
  • Knowledge and experience using software applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and other applications
  • Familiarity with MyZou, MU Connect, Mizzou email, and the various departments used by students on campus, including Financial Aid, Admissions, Student Health, Counseling Services, etc.

I want to apply. Now what?

Applications are generally reviewed in the weeks before each semester (fall and spring). 

  1. Submit your Academic Coaching Application
  2. Provide a resume and a cover letter outlining the following:
    • Your own experiences as a student and how they might contribute to your ability to be an effective academic coach.  This should include how you manage your own workload, your study strategies, and any other relevant experiences
    • Your motivation for becoming a Peer Academic Coach
    • What you would bring to the position/team, and
    • How this experience will benefit your future career.

If you have any additional questions regarding the application process, please email  You may submit it electronically or print and bring the completed application to The Learning Center at 100 Student Success Center.

Academic Coaching Training

Training: it’s mandatory.  Paid training will be provided in all aspects of the position, and will shadow experienced coaches before taking on your own appointments.

Additional training required for all those employed with Mizzou include:

  • Global Cybersecurity Basics
  • University of Missouri System Campus Emergency Alert Training
  • Building a Foundation: Discrimination Prevention and Title IX
  • FERPA for Higher Education

Expectations, Responsibilities and Duties of Academic Coaches:


  • Attend training sessions
  • Enter weekly availability at beginning of each semester
  • Excellent interpersonal, communication, and study skills
  • Patience, friendliness, positivity and encouragment
  • Maturity and self-confidence
  • An ability to empathize with your peers
  • A commitment to maintain confidentiality at all times
  • Model and share skills in time management, study habits, and professionalism
  • Check and respond to emails at least once a day
  • Keep accurate records of all appointments and enter outcomes in MU Connect
  • Submit timesheets weekly
  • Address any concerns with Academic Coaching Coordinators


  • Maintain an organized work environment by using name tent and providing clean blank copies of paperwork to students
  • Check MU email daily and respond to communication in a timely manner
  • Meet with students one-on-one to discuss academic concerns and develop strategies to promote academic success,
  • Assist students in developing effective study skills and behaviors that lead to academic success
  • Use academic coaching techniques to establish rapport, support growth, and encourage behavior change
  • Create and host meetings virtually via Zoom, when necessary
  • Provide ongoing assistance to students through follow-up appointments and emails
  • Maintaining confidentiality of the content of coaching appointments to protect students’ privacy
  • Refer students to relevant campus resources, such as Writing Center, tutoring, Disability Center, Wellness Resource Center, etc.
  • Work independently and conscientiously with minimal supervision to support students and represent the Learning Center in a professional manner
  • Use online calendar and scheduling tools (e.g., Outlook, MU Connect) to schedule team meetings and coaching appointments
  • Record appointment notes in MU Connect
  • Meet with coaching team and coaching supervisor regularly for updates, training, and feedback
  • Other duties and responsibilities, as assigned


Undergraduate coaches are currently paid $12.00 per hour.  Graduate coaches are paid at a higher rate.  All rates are set according to the University of Missouri.


Academic Coaching Application (opens in Engage)