Academic Coaching

academic coaching

We are proud to offer Academic Coaching! This free service gives students the tools to succeed academically.  Students can schedule a one-on-one meeting with an Academic Coach to learn and practice studentship skills, such as effective note-taking, studying strategies, time management, and identifying resources.

How can Academic Coaches help you?

  • Help with Metacognition: “awareness and understanding of one’s own thought processes,” or learning how to learn!
  • Methods to efficiently learn and practice proper studentship skills, so you can make the most of your time both inside and outside of class​
  • Our tutors are trained in a variety of studentship skills:
    • Note-taking
    • Setting goals
    • Time management
    • Memory techniques
    • Building good study habits
    • Exam preparation​
    • Test-taking and test anxiety
    • How to use Microsoft 365 Office
    • How to use Canvas effectively​​
    • Self-care and wellness

Where and when can you get help?

Appointments can be scheduled through MU Connect by clicking on this link or by searching for Academic Coaching:

Looking for Academic Coaching for neurodivergent students?  Click here.

Meet our current Academic Coaches!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

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More questions?

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My coach did a great job helping me figure out some good tips for better studying and not feeling as anxious during tests.

I could ask any question at all and he responded with great tips! Great communicator.

Ryan was very helpful with giving me techniques, resources, and making recommendations for my situation. We had a productive conversation and I will be back again in the future!

(She had) great knowledge of resources Mizzou has to offer.

Went in with an open mind because this was required for me. (I) was very happy to actually get some tips and tricks out of it. Very useful meeting.

Lauren was so great! She let me talk a lot through what I went through first semester academically and gave me such good advices on how to do better for myself this semester!

What I enjoyed most about my meeting with Isbah was how attentive she was towards hearing about the study habits I use in order to provide information for what she believed was best for the type of student that I am. (She) provided tips not only using techniques that have helped her succeed within her academic success, but tools she believed (could) benefit me in a way that did not disregard my current habits but elaborate on them.

Daphne was very helpful in helping me figure out how to set up an online schedule, and take more effective notes.

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