Pre-Health Professions

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Pre-Health Professions

HLTH_SCI 1000 Intro to Health Professions

H_D_FS 2400 Principles of Human Development

MICROB 2800 Microbiology for Nursing and Health Professions
MICROB 3200 Medical Microbiology and Immunology

MPP 3202 Elements of Physiology

NEP 1340 Intro to Exercise and Fitness
NEP 2380 Diet Therapy for Health Professionals

NURSE 3200 Pathophysiology

PHIL 1150 Introductory Bioethics  (only Mon/Wed)
PHIL 2440 Medical Ethics  (only Mon/Wed)

PTH_AS 2201 Human Anatomy

Days:  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday
Time:  5:00–7:00 pm
Location:  Student Success Center, Main Floor, Pod B